Memoirs of a Gay Shy
inked sketches june 26, 2014

inked sketches june 26, 2014


Hello fans, friends, and familiars.

In an attempt to spruce up my online presence, I’ve made this post to string together my different blogs. Please follow them in accordance with how much of me you want to see on your dashboard.

Brainjail is my art blog. “brainjail” is the tag I follow.

I am way behind on a comic I’m working on. It will be cool, when I finish it, and everyone reads it.

Trying to re-learn sloppy journal comics, with the help of imaginary friends.

Some of these entries are tiny. But as you can see, it’s ‘entry one’ for that day…

Hoo boy, first actual journal comic. It’s freaky for me to publish these, when the Dan I was when I wrote them wouldn’t have been ok with it at all. Luckily I can’t sue myself, and by the end of that summer, I was doing much better. 

Enjoy, click to read, thanks for following. :)

Hello hello! This bird just got off the ground, so bear with me while I tweak the presentation. I wanted the comic to be one big scroll, but clicking on the first page works fine.

Big thanks to What’s Normal Anyway? for using my guest strips. 

I don’t have an update schedule, but that’s the beauty of Tumblr, just follow the blog and wait for the comics (seriously I don’t know how often I’ll draw them!)

My main blog is Brainjail. Thanks for reading!